Educational Program

See For Yourself

The Fellowships provides the participants with the unique opportunity to gain a first-hand understanding of their own roots as well as the backgrounds and experiences of their peers from other countries. In preparation for the trip, Fellows research their own family histories, turning the experience into a personal journey of discovery. This journey is highlighted with the daily peulot (informal educational programs) which encourage the fellows to engage in meaningful discussions with their peers. These peulot touch upon some key topics that relate to North American Jewry while keeping in mind the international context of Camp Szarvas .

Tour Hungary

The Fellowships program includes day trips to beautiful historic Hungarian cities including a tour of Jewish Budapest and a site -seeing day in Szeged. A visit to both the
ornate synagogue in Szeged and the famous Dohany street synagogue, the worlds second largest synagogue, provides Fellows with a sense of the vibrancy and magnificence of the Jewish community in Hungary. History of these sites comes alive as the Fellows walk the streets of the Jewish ghetto in Budapest and interact with many of the leaders in the Hungarian Jewish community today.

The Global Jewish Family

The North American Fellows have so much to learn from their international peers. There can be no better setting for American Jews to experience and learn about their personal Jewish identity and heritage than in Europe itself, with many of their brothers and sisters from their European homelands themselves.

Face to Face

Each day focuses on a different country, and includes special interactive sessions (mifgashim) for discovering the stories of Jews in that country over time. During Mifgashim Fellows learn basic words for communicating in the native language of the country with which they are interacting. They get to use those words while participating in icebreakers, personal discussions, shared activities and plenty of socializing time. For many participants, these opportunities form the highlight of the Fellowships.

Hanging out

Though interactions with campers from other countries is built into the structure of the program, some of the most memorable parts of the camp, are the informal interactions that take place during free time. Participants form lasting friendships with their peers from all over the world, playing, sharing their life experiences, and simply getting to know one another.