Volunteer at Szarvas

As part of a partnership with JDC Entwine, we are excited to announce once again an opportunity for alumni to return as volunteer staff to Camp Szarvas!


This Summer: Return to Szarvas as staff through JDC Entwine’s Multi-Week Jewish Service Corps!

This summer 2018, you could return to Szarvas in one of the following roles:

Sports Madrich: The Sport Madrichim will lead 6 activities a day for campers ages 6-18. Sports Madrichim should have creative leadership and sport skills in order to create various sport activities. Sport Madrichim also lead different sport competitions such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, running, swimming, etc…

Wall Climbing Madrich: The Wall Climbing Madrichim are responsible for running wall climbing sessions for all ages. In this role, the Madrich will lead this activity for kids, teaching them how to wall climb, how to support each other and generally encourage kids though the activity. (Note: you do not need prior experience in climbing, but an interest in learning as you will receive training at camp).

Madrich Leader of Challenge Park: The Challenge Park is an important part of the camp where groups of campers come for a variety of team building games. During these team building sessions, through various obstacle courses and dynamic activities, the groups learn about each other and how they can better work together. In this role, the Madrich will give time for reflection and feedback in order to further help the group develop. The Madrich Leader of the Challenge Park is ideal for someone with experience in team building.

Arts Madrich: Art Madrichim lead up to several activities a day for ages 6-18. In this creative role, the Art Madrich should have the ability to connect kids to Judaism through arts and crafts. During the second session, the Art Madrich will also be responsible for the general camp decorations as well as decorations for special events. This role is ideal for someone who enjoys various creative art projects!

Media Fellow: The Media Fellow will document the amazing atmosphere at Camp Szarvas through several media modalities. This Fellow will be responsible for taking photos and videos throughout the camp days and organizing the pictures. The Media Fellow will also assist with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This Fellow will also prepare written reports on the activities of the summer, including collecting interviews, quotes and highlights from madrichim and kids. This role is ideal for someone with skills in writing, interviewing, photography and social media.


For more information on these roles and dates please visit:

Other volunteer placements available in Ukraine, Israel, Russia, Rwanda, Bulgaria, India and Argentina – http://jdcentwine.org/mw-summer/

More information on JDC Entwine: http://www.jdcentwine.org/

For any questions please contact Yael Zaken at: yaelza@jdc.org